Kokomo Auto World New Showroom

Many of you may have noticed the renovations happening at Kokomo Auto World in the last year. By getting rid of our Ford franchise, we were able to build brand new Honda and Toyota facilities! Needless to say, we couldn't be more excited about the results! Upon completion of our new showroom, we were able to move into the new building on July 14th and we tore down the old one on July 21st! Now we have more space, more lighting, and a better atmosphere for The Coaches Show, which is recorded live on 1350AM right here in our showroom every Saturday at 9 AM. Come by for the show or put one of our sales personnel to the test! In the meantime, have a look at some of our favorite pictures from the construction project! We miss our old building, but thanks to our awesome new facilities, the future is looking bright for Kokomo Auto World!

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Kokomo Auto World Under Construction
Kokomo Auto World Almost Finished
Kokomo Auto World New Showroom
Kokomo Honda New Showroom

Kokomo Auto World New Reception Desk
Kokomo Auto World New Conference Area