Make Sure Your Vehicle is Serviced Before Winter Sets In

Whether we like it or not, winter is fast approaching. Since we're soon going to experience extremely cold temperatures and have to battle snow and ice, this is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with our Service Center and make sure that your Honda or Toyota is prepared to thrive during these months.

Here are some things to go ahead and take care of, according to our factory-trained technicians:

  • Change your engine oil and make sure all other fluids are clean and topped off. There's never a good time to have old, sludge-filled oil trying to flow through your engine, but winter is the worse since cold temperatures affect the viscosity. It's also essential to keep your wiper fluid and antifreeze levels topped off at all times.
  • Check your tires. Examine the tread carefully to be sure that it's sufficient to provide you needed traction and keep them inflated to the manufacturer's recommended PSI level. You may want to consider mounting a set of snow tires onto steel rims, so all you need to do is change sets to suit the season.
  • Test your vehicle's lights. In this time of shorter daylight hours, you need all lights -- including the hazards -- to work properly. If any bulbs appear dim, go ahead and replace them now.
  • Examine the battery, spark plugs, and all wires. Cold weather is hard on a failing battery, and you don't want to get stranded by the side of the road in winter. It's also important to verify that all your wires are connected properly and that your spark plugs are firing properly.

The easiest way to take care of your Toyota or Honda is to trust it to our team of experts. They'll get your vehicle ready for winter, and make sure it's on the right road for springtime fun.

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