Your vehicle's ignition is an important part of your automobile. Ignoring common warning signs could leave you stranded on the side of the road or stuck in your driveway on a workday. Learn the most common signs of a failing ignition system so that you can be prepared for potential issues.

Your starter, an important part of your ignition system, is positioned near the bottom of the engine. Drive train fluid leaks or engine oil leaks can affect your starter, so if you see oil gathering around your starter, you should consider having your car inspected by a professional. Freewheeling is another concern. This is when you try to turn the key and are greeted by a whining noise. This indicates that the starter gear isn't engaging with your flywheel. Usually, this means you need to replace your starter.

These are two common warning signs, but there are many more to keep an eye for. If you feel that your car is having problems while you're trying to start up the engine, it may be a good idea to take your car to the professionals at Kokomo Auto World in Kokomo, IN for a complete inspection.

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