Rodent Damage Can Be Severe

Vehicle owners must raise their awareness of the potential for damage to wiring and hoses from hungry rodents. Manufacturers changed the materials that coat engine wires and electrical harnesses. Vehicle makers have turned to plant-based materials to coat wire harnesses and some connectors. The plant-based material may increase the risk of rodent activity under the hood.

In the past, automakers used petroleum-based materials to coat engine and electrical wires. Rodents sometimes attacked vehicle wiring due to sweet-smelling engine fluids. The current effort to shift to sustainable materials in auto manufacturing may inadvertently create higher risks of unwanted damage from hungry rodents.

Some vehicle owners have painted wires and hoses with liquid hot pepper. One company has introduced a type of duct tape with a pepper compound built-in. Other owners have tried laying humane animal traps in areas with rodent activity. Every owner should regularly look for signs of rodent damage.



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