Car Performance Depends on the Suspension System

An automotive suspension system is tuned specifically to optimize the performance of a compatible vehicle. Heavy-duty and light-duty pickup trucks are fitted with durable installations that resist heavy forces from towing and payload. Such tough vehicles are also equipped with shock absorbers that survive harsh impacts from rocks, gravel, and other hard surfaces.

Roadsters and sports cars are typically fitted with custom suspension systems that provide excellent cornering capabilities. These fast and agile vehicles are supposed to pull off swift maneuvers with ease, especially on meandering roads. Additionally, the chassis of a sporty coupe is stabilized by accessories that resist G-forces at fast speeds.

Expensive sedans and crossover SUVs are available with intelligent suspension systems that analyze driving conditions. The properties of the dampers and springs are instantly calibrated in response to the loss of traction, oversteer and other instability. Located in Kokomo, IN, Kokomo Auto World's automotive service department repairs suspension systems in new and used models.

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