Big Tech Features On the Honda Civic Explained

When it comes to compact sedans, the Honda Civic stands as one of the most popular choices. Tech plays a big role in the Civic's top-selling status. Here are some popular tech equipment now available on the latest generation Civic.

The Honda Civic allows for easy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. This allows you to easily access many of the apps and features from your iPhone or Android phone right onto your Civic's infotainment system. Listen to your favorite music, send messages, receive messages and more with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Honda Civic's navigation system goes a step further with its satellite-linked navigation system. This allows the driver to receive real-time directions that allow for faster and better navigation on a full-color infotainment screen.

Kokomo Auto World is now offering one-on-one test drives of the Honda Civic. Check out the tech features for yourself. Better hurry. The Civic won't last.


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