DIY Flat Tire Changes - What You Should Know

One of the most essential things to learn if you're a vehicle owner is how to change a flat tire. We want to help Kokomo, IN drivers stay safe and prepared, so check out these tire changing tips from our associates here at Kokomo Auto World.

It can save time and hassle to have the right equipment in your vehicle. Keep a car jack, tire tools, spare tire, flashlight, tire tools, lug wrench, emergency warning indicators, and wheel chocks in your vehicle. Practicing can be beneficial if you've never changed a flat before. You don't want to give it a go for the first time when it's dark or raining.

Use your owner's manual to find out where you should place your jack. Before you lift up your car, loosen the lug nuts. When it's lifted, use the lug wrench to take off the lug nuts, and then remove the wheel and tire. Be sure that the spare is aligned with the wheel well, tighten the lug nuts, and lower your vehicle.

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