Before making the decision to get a new battery for your car, you need to determine whether it just needs a jump or not. In order to jump-start your car, you're going to need another vehicle with a healthy battery or a portable charger with cables. Make sure you connect the cables to the terminals in the proper manner before starting either car.

While you're letting the other car run, try to start your own a few times to see if the battery is charging. If you see no indication that your battery is receiving the energy from the other battery, you can try to reposition the cables.

After about 10 minutes with no success, you might want to consider getting a new battery from Kokomo Auto World in Kokomo, IN as yours likely won't charge to the point that it will operate your car as it should. If you do get your car started, you should still see a mechanic to ensure that there are no issues with your vehicle that could result in it not starting again.

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