Android Auto is a cutting-edge technology that allows Kokomo, IN drivers to bring the best of their mobile devices right into their cars. With this system, mobile phones can be quickly and easily connected to vehicle displays. Once plugged in, drivers will have hands-free access to Google Assistant, chat and messaging functions, voice-activated calling, and more. At Kokomo Auto World, we want to share some of the exciting benefits that this undeniably modern feature provides.

Stay Connected While Keeping Your Focus on the Road

Sadly, many consumers still struggle with hands-free mobile phone use while in their cars. Rather than pulling off to the side of the road or risking your safety, you can initiate and accept mobile calls without touching your phone at all. Android Auto also makes it possible for people to listen and respond to texts, and take part in chat conversations without actual device contact.

Get the Info You Need for Safely Navigating the Road

You can also rely on Android Auto for important weather alerts and real-time driving instructions. Whether you need directions or simply want to listen to some of your favorite tunes, Android Auto will make your life easier. To hear more about the features and benefits of Android Auto or to take one of our vehicles out for a test drive, visit Kokomo Auto World today.

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