A car's engine gets dirty quickly, and this problem isn't inherent only to the inside. Dirt and grime can collect on the exterior of an engine. Don't expect any of the dirt to go away on its own. You'll need to pop the hood, remove some covers, cover a few electrical components, and go to work cleaning a cold engine.

A common cleaning solution to use is a degreaser. Spray the degreaser on the dirty engine to loosen things up. Then, put some effort into scrubbing the engine clean. You can do so in no time with the right enthusiasm.

Get your hose and rinse off the dirt and degreaser spray. After thoroughly rinsing the engine, allow it to dry. You probably want to do all this when the weather in Kokomo, IN is nice.

Take other steps to care for your vehicle. Bring it to Kokomo Auto World for any maintenance work that you need to be done.

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