Take your pick: turbocharged or hybrid. The Honda CR-V offers the choice, available in both forms. Such a trend-forward compact SUV also needs state-of-the-art technology. Fortunately, the Honda CR-V doesn't disappoint. Our Kokomo Auto World team has your quick rundown, showcasing two tech features.

The Honda CR-V Watches Your Back

Backing out of garages, driveways or tight parking space just got easier. It's all thanks to the Honda CR-V Cross Traffic Monitor. Using sensors in its rear bumpers the Honda CR-V detects and alerts you to vehicles crossing behind you when you're in Reverse. The same sensors also scan your blind spots, issuing alerts as vehicles enter either of your blind spots.

Standard Rearview Camera

Standard on every CR-V is the Multi-Angle Rearview Camera. Choose wide, top-down or normal camera angles. The camera activate when you shift into Reverse, sending a pristine feed directly to the Honda CR-V's in-dash touchscreen. The camera captures key views to help you more safely navigate traffic, park and trailer.



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