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There's a place called Kokomo; that's where you wanna go to get away from it all. If you remember these words, you'll probably know that the Beach Boys said them first. But no one could have said it any better. Kokomo is where you go to get away from the dealerships with a subpar new auto inventory. It's where you avoid the unsavory sales tactics by associates trying to make their monthly bonus. It's where you experience a stress-free car-buying or car selling process that makes your trip worthwhile. So, why don't you come down to Kokomo? You'll get there fast, and then we'll take it slow.

New Honda and Toyota Inventory in Kokomo

If you're fortunate enough to have a vehicle with the Toyota or Honda emblem, you know that you've gotten a vehicle that is built to last. These automakers have engineered vehicles with one thing in mind-longevity. It's the main reason why the Honda and Toyota brands have such a high resale value. But, there's more in store with these dynamic auto brands.

New Toyota Inventory Near Logansport

With an impressive selection of All-Wheel and Four-Wheel drive vehicles, traction and control will never be an issue for your new Toyota. Innovation, efficiency, safety, and top-level technology help drive the Toyota brand to the top of the line in each respective class. Whether you need an SUV for you and your family, or a sleek and sporty sedan, we've got you covered. You can check out vehicles like the Toyota Camry, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Tacoma, or the Toyota Venza and decide which automobile suits your driving style in Logansport.

New Honda Inventory

If you're looking for a safe and comfortable ride, few models will fair better than the Honda brand. This brand has built its name by creating fuel-efficient models with phenomenal safety and technology features for the entire family to enjoy. No matter where your road takes you, you can be sure that we have a Honda that can get you there. From the impressive Honda Ridgeline that provides towing and off-road capabilities to the Honda CR-V SUV and Honda Civic sedan. There isn't a wrong choice anywhere within the 2022 Honda lineup.

Sell Your Car Down in Kokomo

Market-Based Pricing

Do you have a vehicle that you're ready to get rid of? It's taking up space in your garage or driveway in Fishers, IN. Instead of it collecting dust on your property, why not let it collect a few thousand dollars in your bank account? We're ready to provide a fair price for your vehicle and get you the cash you deserve. Our market-based pricing system will ensure that you get the market value for your car, no matter when you sell it.

Payment Calculator Tool

If you decide to trade your vehicle to us, you can use our handy payment calculator tool to balance your budget. You can insert your down payment amount, estimated APR, and term length to help figure out what you can afford to pay each month. It's a convenient way to get ahead of your finances and start off on the right foot.


When it's time to finance your vehicle, we provide a quick and easy process that yields a high approval rate. We've handed over the keys to a new vehicle for customers on each side of the credit spectrum. Whether your credit is stellar or you've had a few troubles in the past, we will do everything we can to help you get home in the car you want. Get pre-approved online today so you can shop with confidence tomorrow.

Kokomo Auto World

Are you ready to head down to Kokomo? That's where the Beach Boys wanted to go, and we're sure that you'll love the specials, amenities, and good old-fashioned customer service you'll receive here. Check us out and see why we're the preferred dealership in the Kokomo area.