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Jim Kebrdle



Andy Sprager
Pre-Owned Manager

Maddie Barton
Assistant Service Manager

Josh Harris
Parts Manager

Greg Landwerlen
Managing Partner

I have been here at Kokomo Auto World for 15 years and have over 41 years experience in the car industry. I get the most from assisting others reach their life goals and creating a culture that revolves around giving and being kind to others. Anyone can sell a car, few can provide a trusting relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Jamey Burgett
Detail Manager

I have worked at Kokomo Auto World for a little over a year now, but I have been in this industry for 26 years. I am a Master Detailer and certified in Buffing, Windshield Replacement, Paint Touch-Up, and Windshield Chip Repair. I enjoy coming to work everyday, the staff and the customers are very friendly.

Dustin Gingerich
Finance Manager

I've been in the Kokomo Auto World family since July of 2015, and have been in the automotive sales industry for the same amount of time. I became Toyota certified in September of 2015 and Honda certified in June of 2016. In October of 2016 I became Finance Manager. Working at Kokomo Auto World has been life changing for me, making me open my eyes to different possibilities. I appreciate everyone here who challenges me to become a better person.

Tricia Horner
Marketing Director

I joined the Kokomo Auto World family 6 years ago. It has been a pleasure working for a company that truly cares for their employees. I started in Sales and am now the Marketing Director. I love taking car of customers and finding new ways to make their experience the best possible, and I have been doing this for 25+ years and counting.

Chris Scott
Finance Manager

I have been with Kokomo Auto World since 2009. My certifications include, being a part of the Toyota Sales Society for 4 straight years, NCM institute Graduate in General Sales Management I, II, and Mastery NCM institute for Internet and Digital Marketing. I've been certified in both Honda and Toyota since 2010. I was Toyota Sales Manager for 2 1/2 years and have been General Sales Manager for the last 2 years and have recently been promoted to the Director of Finance. The best part of being part of the Kokomo Auto World team is the importance of family, here and at home, to ownership and management.

Jennifer Harless

I have worked in accounting with Kokomo Auto World for 14 years. I have sat at every desk in the office and now run the office. The only time as an adult I have not worked in accounting were the two years I sold cars in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree from University of Indiana, but still consider Oklahoma my home. Kokomo Auto World has been a great place to earn a living. I enjoy the atmosphere, the people, and the opportunities for growth and experience.

Nick Teeter
Finance Manager

I have worked at Kokomo Auto World for 3 years now and it is my first Auto Sales job. I specialize in Pre-Owned Sales. The thing I like the most about working here is how transparent and straight-forward our process is for buying a pre-owned vehicle.



Suzzanne Sparger
Leasing & Sales Specialist

Travis McKinzie
Leasing & Sales Specialist

Sean DeCosta
Leasing & Sales Specialist

Fred Holmes
Leasing & Sales Specialist

Kylun Scott
Leasing & Sales Consultant

Cain Landwerlen
Leasing & Sales Specialist

Jon Dotson
Leasing & Sales Specialist

I love working for Kokomo Auto World! I've been here for 13 years. I obtained Gold Certification through Honda in 2013. I love being able to count on all my fellow employees and myself to provide amazing customer service for our present and future guests.

Adam Richardson
Leasing & Sales Specialist

My name is Adam Richardson, and I've been part of our Kokomo Auto World family for 15 years. I was hired right out of High School and started out as a lot porter, checking vehicles, making sure our inventory/lot always looked good, new, and fresh. I then moved up to managing the Detail department and then Internal Service Advisor, assisting the Pre-Owned inventory from service and repair. I then moved into a Customer Service Advisor, working with customers and taking care of their vehicle needs. I worked in Service for 5 years before getting introduced into the Sales department and I love what I do! I love helping people and meeting their satisfaction, in finding the right vehicle that fits all their needs at a great price. Kokomo Auto World is family, and with out the giving me the opportunity 14 years ago, I would not be where I'm at today. I love our staff, we are a team and work well together. Thank you Kokomo Auto World, Greg L, Chris S, Michael K, and Andrew B for believing in me!



Brian Donovan
Used Car Dispatcher

"I have worked at Kokomo Auto World since May of this year, after moving back home to Indiana from Las Vegas, Nevada. I enjoy working at Kokomo Auto World, everyone is friendly and kind. It's good to be back home".

Becca Knappen

Ben Kirby
Service Technician

Zac Tobey
Service Technician

Jim Adams
Service Technician

Amber Matlock
Service Advisor

Alli Merchant
Service Advisor

Christian Stout
Service Technician

Austin Minghini
Service Technician

Raven Geibel
Service BDC Receptionist

Robert Williams
Service Specialist

I have looked forward to going to work at Kokomo Auto World every day for the 3 years I have been working there. This has been my first automotive job and I look forward to learning more. I enjoy the diversity that my job entails.

Tommy Whittern
Service Technician

I have been at Kokomo Auto World for 5 1/2 years with approximately 8 years in the industry. I am a fully certified Honda and Toyota technician, a graduate from Lincoln Technical Institute, and am a front end specialist on all makes and model vehicles, as well as an alignment specialist. The thing I enjoy most about working at Kokomo Auto World is the people I would with. I've made friends that can last me a life time. I'm a firm believer that co-workers can make or break a workplace, and so far, there are some fantastic co-workers here.

Justin Humphries
Service Technician

I have been a member of the Kokomo Auto World family for 3 years. I have been in service for the last 2 years and have been Honda Certified since 2018. I'm also a Used Vehicle Reconditioned Specialist, and a tire and alignment specialist. What I appreciate most about Kokomo Auto World is the supportive team and promising future.

Jeffrey Harner
Service Specialist

I have been a part of Kokomo Auto World for 11 years. I have been in the automotive industry for 19 years. I am a Lube and Oil specialist and a tire technician. I like working with my hands, but most of all I enjoy helping people and co-workers.

Anton Lindsay
Service Technician

I have worked here at Kokomo Auto World for 8 years and I have 32 years overall experience. I am a Toyota Master Technician and I have held an ASE Master certification for 19 years. I am also a certified Amsoil Dealer. I enjoy working with the people most. It is a nice and friendly work atmosphere.



Tony Prince
Detail Specialist

Caleb Sutton
Detail Specialist

I have worked at Kokomo Auto World for a over a year and I have about 5 years of experience in detailing vehicles. I think that Kokomo Auto World is a very nice and happy place to work.



Kellen Landwerlen
Automotive Parts Specialist



Kindrea Ware
Human Resources

Elva Bedwell
Title Clerk

Taylor Doucette
Accounting Specialist

Jacob Handy
Dealer Trades

My first year at Kokomo Auto World has been incredible. It is my first time working in the auto industry and I love every second of it. The best thing about working here is the 'customer first' atmosphere.